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Winter 2008/2009 Newsletter



Happy New Year 2009!



All of us here at Bimini Sands would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy New Year and best of luck in 2009.  This past year proved to be a fun-filled and exciting year for us here at the resort, and we are hoping you can join us for an even better time in 2009.



Bimini Sands Named Finalist For Cacique Award



Bimini Sands is proud to announce that we have been named as a finalist for this year's  Cacique Awards.


The Cacique Awards are the annual top honor presented by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to recognize excellence in the tourism industry.   Several different categories are highlighted and awarded, such as Sports, Leisure & Events, Transportation, Human Resources Development, Creative Arts and more.


This year, Bimini Sands has been named as one of the top three finalists in the category of Sustainable Tourism for our efforts in developing the Bimini Nature Trail as well as other eco-tourism opportunities around the islands.


The award ceremony takes place on January 30, 2009 in Nassau, so check back to see the outcome to this exciting news.


For More information go to:



Bimini Sands Supports Shark Free Marinas Initiative


Bimini Sands is excited to announce that we are the first marina in the Bahamas to officially join the Shark Free Marinas Initiative. The purpose of the Initiative is to educate the public about the importance of sharks in our marine eco-systems and to promote catch and release practices for these animals.


Regardless of the media’s sensationalistic & exaggerated coverage of sharks over the last several years, Bimini Sands is instead basing their support of this initiative on the best available scientific research.  It has been proven that sharks play a critical role in maintaining the health of the ocean, and are not nearly as dangerous as most news reports would leave you to believe.


As of now there are 10 other marinas in the Bahamas that have agreed to join the program and many others still to contact. The goal is to have the initiative’s education material at a minimum of 30 marinas around the Bahamas, and then expand to other locations around the world.  We would like to encourage all marinas to support sustainable catch and release when it comes to sharks and other endangered animals.


For more information contact Grant and Katie in the Recreation Department



Bimini's Chubby Visitor - the Manatee


Since late November, a large manatee has been seen slowly patrolling the shallow waters around Bimini. First sighted near Radio Beach on North Bimini, the manatee has been making regular swims up into the Alice Town harbor, hanging out under the docks and creating quite a sight for both locals and visitors.


While manatees are not found in large populations in the Bahamas, there are some islands that report regular sightings of these gentle marine mammals. Although by most people's accounts, the last time a manatee was seen in Bimini was over a decade ago.


Due to Bimini's lack of freshwater, the island is not considered suitable habitat for the manatee and there are preliminary plans being drawn up to transport the animal to South Florida. A team of researchers, including members from the US Coast Guard, Miami Seaquarium, & U.S.G.S have already visited Bimini to evaluate the manatee. They were also able to attach a satellite transmitter to the animal so that its movements can be monitored over the next few weeks. There are also plans to try to genetically sample the manatee to determine where it originated from.


Due to manatees' Threatened status in the wild, careful consideration is being put on the welfare of this animal. The end-goal of the researchers is that they will be able to return it to where it came from and release it back into the wild.


Check Bimini Sands Blog for more info at:



Valentine's Weekend at Bimini Sands


This Year Bimini Sands is offering a fabulous Valentine’s weekend for you and your special someone. For just $199 per night the two of you can stay in one of our luxurious condos, enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Dinner at the Beach Club Restaurant & complementary Breakfasts each morning in our Petite Conch Restaurant, and experience one of our Sunset Island Boat Tours around the island of Bimini. So bring your sweetheart and make this Valentine’s weekend one you will never forget!


Can’t make it for the whole weekend? Well then don’t miss our romantic Candlelit Valentine’s dinner at the Beach Club Restaurant. Our experienced chefs have put together a wonderful menu for the special night, and at just $25.00, you can’t beat the value anywhere else on the island. Or if you feel like Sushi, our sushi chef will be serving a special Sushi for Two for just $50 a couple Valentine’s night.


Romance is in the air this Valentine’s Weekend at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina!




Bimini Sands Children's Christmas Party


Bimini Sands held its annual Christmas party for the children on Bimini again this year, and it was a huge success. Children from all over the island showed up with excitement for their chance to get their picture taken with Santa.


The Bimini Sands crew was able to distribute gifts to all the children and provide a festive day for everyone that attended.


And as an added bonus, the kids from our very own Bimini Sands Kid’s Club performed a short skit, Twas the Night Before Christmas, for everyone who attended to enjoy. The Kid’s did a great job and all their hard work and practice paid off. We would like to thank them for their wonderful performance that day.



Super Bowl Party at Mackey's Sand Bar


The crew at Bimini Sands has decided to throw another Super Bowl Bash this year that will even surpass the event we had last year!


To celebrate the event we will be having food & drink specials, free giveaways, a beach bonfire and live entertainment from Stevie S. And what better way to watch the Super Bowl than on the 8 flat screen TV’s at Mackey’s Sand Bar?


The Pre-Game Party starts at 3:30 with football trivia and tons of free giveaways. So bring your friends and join us on February 1st for the greatest Super Bowl party on the islands!





Bimini Idol Contest Winners


1st Place: Diandrea Dean

2nd Place: Krista Stuart

3rd Place: Lawrence Rolle


Congratulations to the winners of the Bimini Idol Contest at Mackey's Sand Bar. It was a great night and the crowd really got into the spirit of things. Contestants took home a total of $1,000 in cash! Not bad for a night of singing and fun.









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