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Spring 2009 Newsletter



Bimini’s Marine Protected Area


Back in the year 2000, the government of the Bahamas proposed that a large area of North & East Bimini would be designated as a Marine Protected Area, and after years of debate and deliberation, the MPA has finally been established. Marking a huge step forward in marine conservation, this MPA will hopefully insure a long-lasting and abundant fishery around Bimini.


The rules of the MPA will still allow traditional “land crabbing” and catch-and-release bonefishing, but other fishing and “extractive activities” will be prohibited.


Bimini’s MPA will serve as a permanent marine nursery, giving commercially important species such as snappers, groupers, conch & lobster a safe refuge to mature in before they move out across the Great Bahama Bank and onto the reefs of Bimini. An abundance of other wildlife will also benefit from this protection, from juvenile sharks to the endangered Bimini Boa.


Both residents and visitors are asked to help ensure that Bimini’s MPA is recognized and respected by everyone who enjoys these precious islands.




Bimini’s Manatee Update

We have and exciting update about Bimini’s visiting Manatee. After its two month stay here in Bimini, on January 24th the Manatee was safely captured and relocated to Florida’s Miami SeaQuarium for evaluation. Crews from Bimini Sands, the Sharklab, Bimini Undersea, Sea Crest Hotel & Marina, and even a passing fishing boat joined the SeaQuarium in the effort to safely capture and transport the manatee.


Now, after being given a clean bill of health, we are happy to announce that on Thursday, March 19th, the manatee was released near Crystal River on the west coast of Florida. He has been once again outfitted with a radio/satellite tag, which will allow researchers to track the movements of this adventurous animal. For a short time following the release, his movements were observed by the researchers following him by boat. He appeared to be swimming fine and soon met up with another adult manatee. A short time later he joined another, smaller animal.

To check out a short video of the capture of Bimini’s Manatee right here on Bimini Sands Beach check out,






Bimini Bread at Bimini Sands

Bimini bread looks like ordinary white sandwich bread, but its sweet flavor sets it apart, making it an island favorite. Once the bread was exclusively made at home and those who didn't bake were out of luck. Noticing the opportunity, today Biminites bake Bimini bread and it is sold at local markets and served at the island's top restaurants, establishing the bread as yet another tourist attraction on this pristine island.

And now Bimini’s famous bread is available right here at Bimini Sands. Our Head Chef Nate Hanna bakes fresh Bimini Bread everyday and it is for sale in our Ship Store. Bimini Bread is perfect for sandwiches, makes unbelievable french toast, and its sweet flavor is even delicious on its own.

If you have never tried Bimini’s famous Bimini Bread now is your chance. Just head into our Ship Store and pick up a loaf for yourself. At just $2.50 a loaf, you can’t go wrong! I guarantee you will be back for more.




Bimini Sands Recreation & Activities

Whether you like to just sit back, relax and take in the scenery or jump in the water with feeding sharks, we have the perfect adventure for you! Bimini Island Boat Tours, Shark Encounters, Snorkeling Excursions, Kayak Adventures & Bimini Nature Trail Tours are just a few of the trips we are offering this year.

And for our younger guest, we are even offering a Kid’s Club every Saturday just for them!

Visit the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activities Department or check out our website for more information.




Friday Night Outdoor Movie


Don’t miss our huge outdoor theater this summer!  The movie starts every Friday Night at 8:30pm.  And the best part—the movie & the popcorn are FREE!


So bring a beach towel,  a blanket or use one of our chairs to sit back, relax, have some popcorn, and enjoy the show!


Contact the Bimini Sands Recreation Department for more information on this week’s movie: 242-347-3500





Costal Awareness Month—April


April has been designated as Costal Awareness Month in the Bahamas with this year’s theme being Habitat Loss and Pollution.  Bimini is taking full advantage of the opportunity to clean up the island and educate Bimini’s youth on the importance of costal awareness.



During the first week of April the Bimini Sands Recreation Department and the Sharklab teamed up to give short presentations to all of the school kids on the island.  The presentations had two main goals; the first was to raise awareness about habitat loss and pollution and the second was to encourage the kids to participate in the island wide cleanup.   First was Holy Name Catholic School, followed by two presentations at Bimini All Age School, and finally Gateway Christian Academy.  All the presenters were greeted with warm smiles and attentive students.  




The Island Cleanup followed just a few days later on April 4th and it was a huge success.  The volunteers, including many of the children from the local schools, were able to rid the beaches along the Western side of North and South Bimini of much of the trash that had accumulated there.  Bimini Sands spearheaded the Cleanup on South Bimini’s beach, and on South Bimini alone we were able to remove several hundred pounds of trash and debris.    


Lastly, the Ministry of Tourism is planning an Art competition for the school aged kids on the island.  There are various categories & age groups within the competition including songs, poetry, art work and more.  And the grand prize is a Shark Feed with the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activities Department.  Good Luck to all the contestants!





Bimini Homecoming Festival


Make sure you’re on Bimini April 10-11, 2009 to join us for the first annual Bimini Homecoming Festival.  Replacing Bimini’s annual regatta, the Homecoming Festival will be a weekend of fantastic food, music, games & other festivities.


It all starts at 6pm on Friday the 10th.  Friday night will be highlighted by two concerts at North Bimini’s Craft Center, as well as fun games and great  Bahamian food for everyone to enjoy.


On Saturday, the fun runs from 12 noon until late into the night.  There will be a float parade, band parade, traditional Junkanoo and much more.  And did we mention the food?  Enjoy everything from cracked conch to roasted hog as we celebrate the traditional food and cuisine of the Bahamas. 


For more information about this exciting event, contact the Bimini Sands Sales Office staff, or check out one of the flyers hanging up around the resort.




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