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Spring 2008 Newsletter




Mythbusters & History Channel Visit Bimini Sands


While filming around Bimini, crews from both the Discovery and History Channel stayed with us here at Bimini Sands. 


The Discovery channel sent a crew from their hit show Mythbusters to do some filming for their up and coming Shark Week 2008Shark Week premiers every July and because of Bimini’s abundant shark population, one or more of the featured shows are usually filmed right here in Bimini.  This year Adam and Jaime from the Mythbusters were trying to bust even more of the myths about sharks and utilized the experienced crew at the Sharklab to do so.


The History Channel was here filming a program for a 13 part series on evolution that will air this June.  During their time here, a crew from Bimini Sands took them out filming at various sights around the island to get the picturesque shots they needed for the film.  After a few days filming with Bimini Sands they too did some additional filming with the Sharklab.


Keep your eye out for Bimini on both the Discovery and History Channel this summer.


Visit the Mythbusters Website 





A Beautiful Bimini Sands Wedding




Near the end of March, Bimini Sands hosted a fantastic wedding at the Bimini Beach Club, here’s what the bride, Joy Franks, had to say:


“I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received on the ceremony and reception. Viveca Lubin and the staff at Bimini Sands did an amazing job going above and beyond anything I could have hoped for… The reception was at the Bimini Sands Beach Club, a restaurant and marina on the south-western tip of the island. Hands down this is the most beautiful place to have a reception on the island… As you can tell, my experience at Bimini Sands was exceptional and I encourage everyone to include a stay when they visit Bimini.”


All of us here at Bimini Sands would like to Congratulate to Joy & Bryan Franks on their marriage, hopefully we’ll see them back for an anniversary celebration soon.


For more information on planning weddings at Bimini Sands, please speak with Viveca in the Main Office. 





Coastal Awareness Month


April is Coastal Awareness Month in the Bahamas, and since all of Bimini is qualified as a coastal-zone, there are many events being planned for the island this April. 


All throughout the month, the Ministry of Tourism has scheduled numerous island & beach clean-ups, tree plantings and even sporting events to liven up the island and motivate participants.


April 29th is scheduled to be the South Bimini clean-up, and all are invited to join the crew from Bimini Sands as we lend a hand in making Bimini cleaner and greener. 


Bimini Sands staff and volunteers helping keep Bimini clean





Bimini Nature Trail Grand Opening


The Grand Opening of Bimini’s all new eco-attraction, the Bimini Nature Trail, is scheduled for May 24, 2008.  Join us this Memorial Day Weekend as we unveil a whole new side of Bimini for residents & visitors to enjoy.


The Bimini Nature Trails offers a glimpse of the island rarely seen by tourists or locals.  View the lush vegetation and exotic wildlife of Bimini with one of our experienced guides, or on your own with family and friends.


Even before the Grand Opening, numerous signs already line the Bimini Nature Trail explaining the fascinating plants and animals that you can see along your hike.


Mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss the ribbon cutting to this exciting new Bimini adventure.  Complimentary guided tours and a chance to get a ’hands on’ experience with the trails Bimini Boa will be available to all interested attendees. 


For More Information visit Grant or Katie at the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activity Center. 





All New Kids Club Every Saturday


This spring and summer Bimini Sands is offering an all new experience just for our school aged guests.  The Bimini Sands Kid’s Club will include fun and informative classes where your child will learn about the plants and animals around Bimini and why it is important to protect the environment they live in.  We will also take them on an assortment of field trips designed to give children an up close and personal experience with the wildlife around Bimini.  And of course fun filled activities and arts & crafts always add to any learning experience.  Your kids will be surrounded with adventure!


The topic of each Kid’s Club will vary, so your children are welcome to join us each time you visit Bimini.  The adventures are endless!  Space is limited, so sign up early to reserve a spot.





Bimini's Elusive Freshwater Turtle


As eco-tourism on Bimini draws more visitors, more of the island’s unique wildlife are beginning to get the attention & admiration they deserve.  But, some rare and highly elusive creatures still remain largely unnoticed.  Did you know that there is an animal here that is only found on South Bimini, and only in a few small areas?  Amazingly, South Bimini is home to a species of freshwater turtle. 


The turtle, as yet unidentified by scientists, is likely a close relative to the Cat Island Slider found on a handful of Bahamian islands.  To date, this turtle has only been seen on Bimini in two small ponds down near the airport. 


Back in the year 2000, a team of researchers visited Bimini and successfully captured, tagged and released 6 of these freshwater turtles, but little has been done since.   Just recently, in the first week of April 2008, members of the Bimini Sands Recreation Department and a few of the Sharklab staff members teamed up to recapture one of these rare turtles that was tagged back in 2000.


Hopefully, in the near future more research can be done to learn about these mysterious reptiles.     


For more information on this rare and elusive turtle, visit the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activity Center.





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