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Fishing in Bimini is Worth the Effort - Sun Sentinel

The host of "George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing" on NBC Sports and the organizer of the Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series, Poveromo, of Parkland, FL takes great pleasure in introducing others to the bountiful waters around Bimini. Read Full Story




Experience the Real Bahamas

Idyllic location offers spectacular views of Bimini’s luminous blue waters, sunsets over the Gulf Stream, coral reefs and a secluded ocean beach just step from your door. Bimini Sands Resort & Marina is one of the Bahamas’ best-rated family vacation destinations. Read Full Story



Bimini Sands featured in Southern Boating Magazine

Fresh sushi, prepared in front of you - now that’s something we never expected to see on Bimini. But on our first night at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, there stood Francis behind the sushi bar at the Beach Club, making colorful hand rolls, sashimi and an amazing raw tuna and tomato salad, and serving them with a big smile... Read Full Story




Bimini Sands Rated #1 on TripAdvisor

Bimini Sands Resort & Marina is rated the #1 hotel for the island Bimini. Thanks to all our loyal visitors for rating us number one. Read the full article to see what other travelers have to say about Bimini Sands Resort & Marina.  Read Full Article



National Geographic Traveler

The island's heyday was in the early 20th century, when rumrunners ruled and Papa Hemingway lived here, writing terse novels and tossing back mojitos. Fifty miles off Florida, separated by the boisterous Gulf Stream, this wispy seven-mile-long stretch of sand still offers refuge, but of a different sort as travelers discover an island poised for ecotourism: white coral beaches, natural pools, locally run, modestly priced cottages and hotels and 1,700 Biminites to hang out with. Hike the Bimini Nature Trail (eyes peeled for the endangered Bimini boa, a harmless snake). Read Full Article



Lonely Plant Guides

Half a mile south of Buccaneer Point is a new development that when complete will have 216 luxury townhouses and 50 slips with floating docks. The units are splendid - very spacious and flooded by sunlight - and each has a huge kitchen, large patio and pleasing decor.



Fodor's Bahamas

Overlooking the Straits of Florida, this luxury property rents one- or two-bedroom condominiums with direct beach access.

The bright, high-ceiling condos have balconies and patios with views of the tropical surroundings, the marina, or the beach. The Petite Conch serves three meals a day, blending Bahamian staples with American favorites. There's a full-service, 53-slip Texaco Starport marina, ship's store, and a convenient customs office, so guests with boats can tie up and clear their paperwork without venturing to North Bimini. An all-night water taxi shuttles you to North Bimini to shop, dine, and party. Boat and golf-cart rentals are available. Two good restaurants (including sushi bar), water and other excursions are happily arranged.



VantagePoint Guide to Bimini

For years the term Bimini was synonymous with North Bimini, in particular Alice Town and the nearby hotels and marinas. South Bimini was the sleepy next door neighbor with little to offer the visiting yachtsman. For many years the island was essentially undeveloped except for the airport and a few scattered private residences. All that changed when ground was broken on the Bimini Sands Resort and Marina, a condo development and marina. To the surprise of many, the project has been an unqualified success and led to the revitalization of South Bimini. So successful, in fact, that the development has been completely sold out with a total of 214 units! It’s taken awhile, but South Bimini is finally starting to emerge from the shadow of its more famous neighbor. Read Full Article



Coastal Living Magazine

I love the half-hour flight from Fort Lauderdale to this little island, where the water’s dramatic change from cobalt to preternatural aqua signals your arrival to one of the friendliest wild dolphin habitats in the world. After a short boat ride out of the harbor, you just might be snorkeling with 20 Atlantic spotted dolphins on shallow banks - unforgettable!



ESPN Fishing

"For many South Florida anglers, Bimini is a home away from home. Located approximately 50 miles from Miami, this historic Bahamas island offers the opportunity to escape the crowded Florida waters"




The Out Islands of the Bahamas

Bimini Island is the true Island in the Stream, perched at the edge of a sheer underwater cliff that falls thousands of feet into the blue abyss. The Gulf Stream rushes north, washing past Bimini Island, feeding and warming its coral reefs and serving as a watery highway for everything from marlin to mantas, dolphin to sea turtles. Its unique location coupled with a roguish history makes Bimini the Out Islands’ favorite diving and fishing frontier outpost. Read Full Article




The breeze tossed my hair in the wind, a nearby sea gull squawked at the sea, the warm turquoise waters swirled at my feet nestled in the pristine white sand, I placed the snorkel mask around my face and descended into a world that I had never before seen nor imagined. Blue Tangs and parrotfish were the first to welcome me. They swam along side of me as if I were one of their own. I explored rocks and crevices as I made friends with hermit crabs. Barracudas and Grouper kept their distance and curiously watched me glide through the sea.

Bimini... known to most fisherman as the Game Fishing capital, was known to me as paradise. I was mesmerized by colors that I thought even nature itself were incapable of displaying.

Like a castaway on a deserted island with the amenities of home, The Bimini Sands resort on South Bimini offered everything I could ever need without having to leave the tiny island. With it's own restaurant and store, I satisfied my every food craving.

Three days later I was saddened to be back on the plane for my 20-minute flight back to reality known as Ft. Lauderdale. I long to go back to paradise...the place where everyone that you would see would wave and say "Hey". Where I was treated like a friend and a personal guest.



Florida Sportfishing Magazine

For years the island of Bimini has been a poorly kept secret in south Florida boating circles. Fishermen, divers and weekend revelers have long frequented the tiny island for its obvious charms – clear waters, good fishing and a truly laid back atmosphere. These regulars formed a sort of loose cadre known around the docks as the “Bimini crowd.”

Sure Bimini can be a bit rustic, these folks will tell you, but that’s part of the fun. And what Bimini lacks in sophistication, it more than makes up for in character. Over the years celebrities such as Jimmy Buffett, Ernest Hemingway, Richard Nixon and Gary Hart have all frequented or lived on the island. It’s one of those places that attracts free spirits and larger than life personalities. Read Full Article



Toots Sea - Sailing in Paradise

"The Bimini Sands Hotel and Resort is a nice quiet little place. Coral colored buildings and very friendly people. The Bahamians in general are very friendly people and everyone says hello to you"




Nordhavn Trawlers

It’s amazing to come up on Bimini; you go from thousands of feet in depth to a mere ten feet or less in a very short distance. The water goes from indigo blue to an azure blue with incredible clarity. We actually passed right over two rather large sharks that couldn’t care less about our presence. It was 9:00 a.m., perfect timing due to the sun’s altitude which provided ideal conditions to see where we needed to go. After some confusion maneuvering around a coral reef, we decided to approach Bimini Sands, an absolutely lovely harbor.



Florida Sportsman Magazine

Bimini Sands is primarily an exclusive resort for Bimini Sands Condo owners. However, some of the condos are in a rental pool. These accommodations generally need to be booked well in advance; but they are very nice and you shouldn’t hesitate to make a last-minute inquiry. Bimini Sands also offers a full-service marina and bar/restaurant. They also welcome weddings and other events.



The Islands of the Bahamas

The Bimini Sands Recreation & Activity Center offers a program of exhilarating and unique opportunities on the island and our friendly and knowledgeable staff have the perfect adventure waiting just for you.

Visitors can now experience the breathtaking scenery and exciting wildlife of Bimini like never before through a variety of eco-tourism activities, including snorkeling excursions, kayak adventures, Bimini Nature Trail tours, shark encounters, island boat tours and more. Also, the "Kid's Club" provides young visitors to Bimini an all new way to experience the island.


The SharkLab Newsletter

The Bimini Biological Field station was humbled to be asked to make a dream come true for fifteen year old Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sautter. Lizzie's wish was to have the opportunity to work with shark biologists and participate in some of the activities that would have her up close with her favorite animals.

The island of Bimini was very gracious to help make this wish happen. Accommodations where provided courtesy of Bimini Sands Resort and Marina. Transportation was provided courtesy of Small's Golf Cart Rental. Island tours and snorkel excursions provided courtesy of Grant and Katie at Bimini Sands Resort Leisure and Recreation Department. The Sharklab provided all that weather would permit in terms of shark excitement. Lizzie was fortunate in seeing 8 species of shark (tiger, bull, great hammerhead, caribbean reef, lemon, nurse, blacktip and blacknose sharks) during her week long visit. She swam with caribbean reef sharks and helped collect data on and tag a pair of tiger sharks. Everyone at the Sharklab was thrilled to be part of this event and we truly hope that Lizzie and her family had a great time playing with the sharks!



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