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Bimini Trivia and Lore


• The name Bahamas is derived from Spanish explorers who termed the area Baja Mar, meaning shallow sea.


• Although locals claim Ring Toss to be their invention, it is most likely a derivative of a medieval English game.


• Q: How many Bahamians does it take to clean a fi sh?

A: Six. One to clean it and five to stand around drinking beer (as told to the author by a local as the two stood around drinking beer watching a man clean fish).


• In the early days of sport fishing the waters around Bimini were teeming with sharks. It was commonly thought impossible to catch a giant bluefin whole, the sharks invariably got to the tuna before the angler could get it onboard. This changed in 1935 when Ernest Hemingway employed an aggressive new fighting style and landed the first un-mutilated bluefin tuna.


• The ending scene from the movie Silence of the Lambs was shot on Bimini.


• Parts of Cocoon were also shot on the island.


• Roundtrip airfare from Miami on Chalks was $26.00 in 1974.


• Leicester Hemingway, the brother of Ernest, edited the island newspaper for many years.


• A “Bimini boxing glove” refers to using an empty conch shell as a sort of brass knuckle.


• According to one newspaper article, instead of the Watergate burglary, G. Gordon Liddy originally proposed setting up the Democratic Presidential candidates by luring them on to a yacht with a bevy of high dollar call girls. The destination? Bimini, of course. A few years later Gary Hart would fulfill the devious plan but without any help from Liddy or the Republicans.


• Ernest Hemingway was a founding member of the IGFA and served as Vice President until his death. Along with Michael Lerner, he wrote many of the rules that formed the core IGFA regulations.


• The Rockwell Mansion on Paradise Point was originally built by George Lyon for $3 million in the 1950’s. A prolific inventor, Lyon held more than 1,200 patents, second only to Thomas Edison.


• Lyon made a large sum of money from a patent on the clip that holds a hubcap to the wheel. The art deco structure was eventually sold to the Rockwell Company.


• To get the conch out of a conch shell, you must fi rst make a hole in the shell to break the suction. This is why empty conch shells all seem to have a small hole in them.


• In 1978, during a dispute over commercial fishing rights, Bahamian Defence Force boats attacked and captured a number of Cuban vessels poaching lobster near Great Isaac. The confrontation between the two countries became known as the “Spiny Lobster War.”








Rockwell Mansion




Seaplanes in 1960's


The Compleat Angler


The Sapona - 1930's





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